2023 CAR Tally Sheet
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Follow this link to the CAR Tally Sheet:


Notes:  NA World Services (NAWS) created this tally sheet for your home-group (HG) responses to the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) motions.  Your Group Service Representative (GSR) will take your HG responses to your monthly Area Service Committee (ASC) Meeting, where an overall Area Tally will be accomplished by your Regional Committee Member (RCM).

We are going to setup an interactive CAR Tally Sheet Survey on this website, so RCM’s can input Your Area Votes.  We will let RCM’s know when it is up and running.  Another option will be for your Area RCM to take those responses to the next Regional Committee Meeting (RSC) of the Mid-Atlantic Region of NA.  Our RD will do a final Regional tally (of the 15 Areas in our region) and forward that to NAWS in time for the World Service Conference (WSC).  That all has to occur by April 1, 2023!  MARSCNA: Mid-Atlantic Region Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous

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