Public Relations Tables and Presentations
If you would like to have a public relations table at a local school, fair, or anywhere please
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What is Public Information?
The purpose of Public Information work in Narcotics Anonymous is to inform the public
that NA exists and offers recovery from the disease of addiction. A Public Information
Committee helps to ensure that information about our fellowship is accurate and is
available to the public.

Public Information and the NA Member
Every member of NA has a role in helping us carry the message to the still-suffering
addict. Much of the goodwill that exists between NA and the community is based on the
relationships that we maintain as NA members. We can improve these relationships for
our fellowship by taking care to treat others with courtesy and respect. This is especially
important when we represent the fellowship to professionals and members of organizations
who may spread their good or bad impressions of us to others. We need to project a
positive image of NA so that these individuals feel comfortable directing addicts seeking
recovery to our meetings.

When we participate in a public information event, we accept responsibility for our
behavior. If we are rude, use profanity, or show a lack of respect for a facility or for
other organizations, we bring into question the effectiveness of our recovery program.

We can also be seen as members of Narcotics Anonymous when we wear an NA
T-shirt in public, stand around outside a group meeting, or attend an NA convention
or service conference. As a fellowship, we have no control over the behavior of
individual NA members. As members, however, keeping our spiritual principles
in mind, we can share our concerns about our public image with other members.
We can communicate to them that a bad image of Narcotics Anonymous could
easily keep the message of recovery from reaching the addict who still suffers.