2023 CAT: Conference Approval Track


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2023 Conference Approval Track Material Introduction

The Conference Approval Track material, posted at www.na.org/conference, follows this introduction. Most of the items in the Conference Approval Track (CAT) are decided upon during the CAT‐Related Discussion and Decisions session at the WSC. The exceptions are the motions related to proposed processes for WSC 2023; these will be introduced at the beginning of the CAR‐Related Discussion and Decisions session because they are processes being proposed for use at the 2023 conference.
Included in the 2023 CAT are:
 This introduction, which includes a list of motions
 2023–2025 proposed project plans
 2023–2025 proposed budget and budget explanation
 WSC seating report including requests from regions, recommendations from the seating workgroup,
a report from the World Board, and additional information from some regions
 Proposed processes for WSC 2023
 2023–2025 travel reimbursement policy
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