Updated to correspond with the March 12, 2022 Regional Meeting



Email Address:  Note-Click on any 1 of these to launch your mailbox and send an email to that position holder. 

Chairperson Michelle R. chair@marscna.org
Vice Chair Joe M. vice.chair@marscna.org
Secretary Christopher B. secretary@marscna.org
Vice Secretary Tinamarie K. vice.secretary@marscna.org
Treasurer Nick G. treasurer@marscna.org
Vice Treasurer OPEN vice.treasurer@marscna.org
RD Suzi B. rd@marscna.org
RDA Matt O. rda@marscna.org
MARCLNA Chair Carla D. marlcna.chair@marscna.org
MARCLNA Vice Chair Wendy B. marclna.vice.chair@marscna.org
H&I Chair Paul P. hi.chair@marscna.org
H&I Vice Chair OPEN vice.hi.chair@marscna.org
Insurance Liaison Nancy U. insurance.liason.chair@marscna.org
Insurance Liaison Alternate OPEN insurance.liaison.vice@marscna.org
Writing the Steps Chair Olivia A. step.writing.chair@marscna.org
Writing the Steps Vice Chair Myron O. step.writing.vice.chair@marscna.org
Policy Chair Dan H. policy.chair@marscna.org
Policy Vice Chair Markee K. policy.vice.chair@marscna.org
PR Chair Greg W. pr.chair@marscna.org
PR Vice Chair OPEN vice.pr.chair@marscna.org
Web Chair Bob L. webchair@marscna.org
Web Vice Chair OPEN vice.web.chair@marscna.org
NOTES: Interested in an OPEN Position?  Check out the Position Requirements here (Series 1000 towards the bottom of the document), and then come to the next regional meeting (during nominations) or contact the Chair of the one you are interested in.