Updated to correspond with the July 10, 2021 Regional Meeting



Email Address:  Note-Click on any 1 of these to launch your mailbox and send an email to that position holder. 

Chairperson John M. chair@marscna.org
Vice Chair OPEN vice.chair@marscna.org
Secretary Christopher B. secretary@marscna.org
Vice Secretary OPEN vice.secretary@marscna.org
Treasurer Hope C. treasurer@marscna.org
Vice Treasurer OPEN vice.treasurer@marscna.org
RD Suzi B. rd@marscna.org
RDA Matt O. rda@marscna.org
MARCLNA Chair Carla D. marlcna.chair@marscna.org
MARCLNA Vice Chair Wendy B. marclna.vice.chair@marscna.org
H&I Chair Greg W. hi.chair@marscna.org
H&I Vice Chair Paul P. vice.hi.chair@marscna.org
Insurance Liaison Nancy U. insurance.liason.chair@marscna.org
Insurance Liaison Alternate OPEN insurance.liaison.vice@marscna.org
Writing the Steps Chair Jamielee B. step.writing.chair@marscna.org
Writing the Steps Vice Chair OPEN step.writing.vice.chair@marscna.org
Policy Chair Tim M. policy.chair@marscna.org
Policy Vice Chair Dan H. policy.vice.chair@marscna.org
PR Chair Kathleen M. pr.chair@marscna.org
PR Vice Chair Erin M. vice.pr.chair@marscna.org
Web Chair Bob L. webchair@marscna.org
Web Vice Chair OPEN vice.web.chair@marscna.org