The Mid-Atlantic Region and the BMLT

How to check to see if your Area’s meeting information is up to date in the BMLT:

Go to our tab on the menu called “Our Areas and Meetings”, then under that drop down select the “BMLT Meeting Search” or click HERE. At the top of the resulting meeting list, click on “Areas\/”, then select the name of your Area (this list only has the Mid-Atlantic’s Areas). As soon as you click on your Area, you will have a list of all your meetings.  Is that information up to date for your area? 

All the information for our region is stored on a server called metrorichna.  Every Area should have a volunteer to be the BMLT update person.  If your area needs help on this, your regional website committee can help. Go to the “Contact Us” selection on the menu and send an email to our Regional Web Chair or just click here to launch you email Make sure to include your name, what area you are involved in, and we will get back to you.

New for 2023: When changes our made on our server (by Area BMLT volunteers), there is now a (new) process in place where our changes will be uploaded to the NAWS server and their BMLT Meeting Lists HERE on Before 2023 this step had to be completed manually by Area (trusted servants / BMLT volunteers) or the MARSCNA Web Chair. These updates can take up to 45 days as the NAWS IT department is short-staffed. 

Want to learn more about the BMLT like how to make a resident BMLT list on your AREA website, or do your printed list using the BMLT? Go here…